About Amaneya

Sounds of steaming

Sounds of steaming, baking, and kneading by artisans. We've been making Japanese sweets in order for our customers to feel the sounds through our products.

Amaneya store in Kamara

In 2009, we opened the first Amaneya store in Kamata Village surrounded by the scenic beauty of mountains, rivers, and the sea.

at the foot of Himeji Castle

We pursue originality while upholding age-old traditions at the foot of Himeji Castle, a World Cultural Heritage Site. The area has a long history and is filled with a strong sense of culture.

best techniques

Our sweets may look unassuming on the outside. However, they bring out the best flavors of raw ingredients, mixed under the best conditions, and using our best techniques.


"Daifuku" is a rice cake stuffed with fresh seasonal fruits (shown on the right with strawberry).
"Yokan" is a bar of sweetened, jellied bean paste and resembles chocolate candy.
"Monaka" is a wafer filled with bean jam, and has a lovely round shape.

These sweets will introduce you to our world of the sounds.

Photo Gallely

  • amaneya
  • 甘音屋
  • amaneya
  • 甘音屋

Company Profile

音 甘音屋
Amaneya Co., Ltd.
Manufacture and Sale of Japanese Confectionery
5 - 200 Kamada, Himeji, Hyogo 671 - 1102 Japan
Masafumi Mori
Registered capital of a company
JPY 9,000,000 (≒ USD80,000)
Number of stores